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REALEST zodiac sign stuff

  • Aries: self-centred competitive cunts but still sweet
  • Taurus: nice as heck but dont show much emotions and eat a way too much
  • Gemini: smooth lunatic manipulative assholes but geniuses
  • Cancer: dependant, emotionally unstable lullabies and probably the nicest persons you know
  • Leo: most generous and selfish at the same time attention whores
  • Virgo: steady fuckers that probably have an OCD
  • Libra: double-faced childish bitches but they know how to look good tho
  • Scorpio: paranoid psychos that think about dry humping all day long
  • Sagittarius: funny but rude, one night stands big winner
  • Capricorn: cold-hearted motherfuckers without any social skills
  • Aquarius: weird hipsters that always try to sound deep and different but VERY open-minded
  • Pisces: sensible compulsive liars, daydreamers and super gentle but hypocrites
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Whenever I see “write one interesting fact about yourself” I immediately forget everything that I’ve done and seen ever

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if a song was in shrek theres no way to un-associate it with shrek its forever going to be a shrek song

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Girl look at that body,

Girl look at that body,

Girl look at that body,

We should probably call the police who knows how long it’s been in the river.

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Those girls who wear converse to prom because “they aren’t like most girls”


Following back everyone!

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When I look in the mirror, I know I’m looking at someone who isn’t sure she deserves to be loved at all.

– Nicholas Sparks, Dear John (via kushandwizdom)

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You’re my favorite explosion. (You know the only real way to cure pain is to add a little more, because everything new distracts the old.)

– "Bestios" - Pierce the Veil (via coexhale) Via This is a metaphor
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